In today’s rapidly evolving world, feminism has transcended the boundaries of the workplace and is making its mark in the private household.

This post is to celebrate the resilience and determination of the remarkable women who are embracing the change intentionally.

Mid-life women that I work with have had to work hard to achieve their professional status in male dominated environments and industries (notably STEM and finance). When arriving towards their 40-50s, they are often found juggling family responsibilities, parenting, professional plateaus, and societal expectations that leave them feeling stuck, if not unsatisfied and unfulfilled. Striving to maintain a harmonious work-life balance while fulfilling societal expectations can be an uphill battle.

Combined with coaching practice, this new wave of feminism encourages them to question and challenge these norms, inspiring them to embrace their authentic selves and break free from restrictive moulds and many contradictory expectations.

I see my work as a life coach as a unique gift to support my clients as they emerge as a powerful force driving change and empowerment in their households but also in society.

Applied tactfully and with deep compassion, I see the work of coaching on this latest frontier of feminism as a soft spot where thought-work and the wise pruning of limiting beliefs can make a tremendous difference in these women’s lives. In time, these inspiring women (re-)acquaint themselves with leading life on their own terms, more fulfilled and self-realised than ever before.

One crucial aspect of the coaching work we do with my clients has to do with the reevaluation of gender roles within the household.

Mid-life women are reshaping the dynamics, advocating for equitable distribution of responsibilities and nurturing environments where both partners actively participate in caregiving and household chores. By fostering open and honest conversations, these women are dismantling traditional gender norms and fostering healthier relationships based on equality and shared responsibilities.

Moreover, coaching can (re-)ignite my clients’ harnessing of inner wisdom and undeniable experience to redefine their professional journeys.

Instead of succumbing to the societal expectation of plateauing (and sometimes cynicism), they are daring to dream bigger, embrace new challenges, and pursue their passions. Whether it’s starting a business, pursuing higher education, or re-entering the workforce, they are proving that age is no barrier to personal and professional growth.

To all the successful mid-life professional women out there, remember that your journey is valid and your voice matters.

Embrace this new frontier with confidence, surround yourself with like-minded individuals, and continue to pursue your dreams unapologetically.

It is my belief that coaching can support the transformation of pour patriarchal societies into a more equitable world where mid-life women are not only celebrated but empowered to make a lasting impact on their own lives and the lives of those around them.

Sincerely yours,
Dr Sophie