I must admit I didn’t know much about life coaching a few years ago.

Like most people, I probably thought of life coaching picturing someone hired by/for executives and asking them penetrating questions so they could “perform better” (at their job / their responsibilities). The life coach would simply listen and ask “thoughtful questions” to try to bring out their client’s wn capability.

I can now say that life coaching, properly understood and practiced, indeed includes asking questions… but it is so much more.

When you learn and apply coaching tools (e.g. by getting coached, then applying the tools to yourself) you can reclaim inner authority on your life, because by altering your thoughts about your life, you are actually transforming the way you are experiencing life.

Essentially, I think the practice of life coaching is about bringing perspective.

Gaining perspective through life coaching creates awareness of what thoughts you are having (about you, your life). You can understand what is “holding you back”, i.e. does not serve your purpose anymore. You start seeing how you have the power to change your experience of life.

When you gain such perspective, you get more insight into who you are and want to be in this world.

You reach clarity on which action can bring you closer to yourself and your values. Ultimately, you obtain more focus to go after what you believe has meaning for your life, and in time you create the change and results you’re deeply seeking.

Gaining perspective also can be felt as an injection of “spaciousness” into our busy, filled-up (or overflowing) lives.

It is so essential, yet often too sporadic, because (as so beautifully worded by Fiona English) “by creating (such) space in your life, you (can) expand more into yourself”. 

And that is when you become connected to your inner wisdom.

You feel better equipped to look into past experiences, being present and open to future possibilities. You may (finally – or for the first time) feel a sense of belonging in life and the universe. You become more creative as you are less scared to follow your own intuition.

I have decided to become a life coach so I can help people try and experience this possible transformation that awaits for them, or that they are longing for.

What if “the impossible” was actually possible?

… And now you may want to share with me, what is stopping you from trying it for yourself?

Sincerely yours,
Dr Sophie