It is this time of the year!!

The anticipation of a family vacation and the impending school break can be both exciting and overwhelming, especially when you have three kids to prepare and manage… like me!

The last week before the holiday can feel like an emotional rollercoaster ride, filled with various challenges and responsibilities. How can coaching skills help to navigate this hectic time, tapping into perspective, inner wisdom, leadership, and emotional intelligence? It got me thinking… 😊

Embracing Perspective:

As the countdown to the school break begins, it’s essential to step back and gain perspective. Take a moment to reflect on the bigger picture and remind yourself of the purpose behind the holiday. By shifting your focus from the immediate tasks (suitcases, passport, cream etc.) to the overall experience and quality time with your children (ice cream moment …), you can approach the preparations with a more positive mindset. Embrace the joy and excitement that awaits, and let it guide your actions and decisions.

Tapping into Inner Wisdom:

Preparing for a family vacation requires making numerous decisions and juggling multiple responsibilities. During this time, it’s important to trust your inner wisdom and intuition. Recognize that you know your children best and have the ability to make choices that align with their needs and preferences. Listen to your instincts and draw upon your past experiences to guide your decision-making process. By tapping into your inner wisdom, you can make more confident choices and alleviate unnecessary stress.

Exercising Leadership:

The role of a parent during the holiday preparations extends beyond simply managing logistics. It requires exercising leadership to create a harmonious and organized environment. As a leader, set clear expectations and communicate them to your children. Involve them in the decision-making process, allowing them to feel a sense of ownership and responsibility. Delegate age-appropriate tasks and empower your children to contribute to the preparations. By demonstrating leadership, you not only lighten your own load but also instil a sense of purpose and cooperation within the family.

Cultivating Emotional Intelligence:

Preparing for the holidays can evoke a wide range of emotions for both parents and children. It’s important to cultivate emotional intelligence during this time, both for yourself and your kids. Practice self-awareness by acknowledging and managing your own emotions effectively. Take the time needed to prepare, don’t skip self-care, and seek support from your partner (obvious 😊) or other people. For your children, create a safe space for them to express their emotions about the departure and the holidays. Let thei feelings be heard and validated. By nurturing emotional intelligence, you can ALL navigate the “departure rollercoaster” with greater empathy and resilience.

In a nutshell, preparing for a holiday (e.g. with kids) can be a challenging and emotionally charged experience. However, by employing some (coaching…!) skills such as embracing perspective, tapping into inner wisdom, exercising leadership, and cultivating emotional intelligence, you can get through this time with as much grace and ease as humanly possible 😊…

  • What are some of your favourite strategies for maintaining a positive mindset during the holiday preparations?
  • How do you tap into your inner wisdom and intuition when making decisions for your family vacation?
  • What are some ways you foster emotional intelligence in yourself and your children during this busy time?

With the right mindset, you can stay in a more positive and harmonious environment FOR YOURSELF, letting some of the pressure of the preparation go, and overall set the stage for a joyful and rejuvenating holiday experience for YOU … and the rest. 🌟✨

Sincerely yours,

Dr Sophie