In this era of unparalleled connectivity and information, we’re both blessed and cursed. Blessed with vast knowledge, but cursed with challenges often originating from within our own minds. However, the silver lining is clear: you possess more influence over your brain than you might realize.

The Delicate Dance Between Our Primitive and Modern Brain

Our brain, a powerful tool in our arsenal, often goes unsupervised, especially in the relentless noise of today’s world. This unsupervised dance between the primitive brain and our more evolved parts can have consequences. The primitive brain seeks comfort, dreads effort, and evades pain. In the modern context, these tendencies lead to overconsumption, neglect of meaningful pursuits, and gravitation towards instant gratification.

As illustrated in the Positive Intelligence framework developed by Shirzad Chamine, our brain receives both messages from “Saboteurs” driven by the “Survivor Brain” and the “Sage”, anchored in our “intentional”/ more evolved brain. Where Saboteurs lean us towards negativity, the Sage is our beacon for wellness, peak performance, and meaningful relationships.

What Lays Beneath: Brain Networks and Their Interplay

Recent neuroscience research provides some perspective on this. Notably, understanding the tug-of-war between the Default Mode Network (DMN) and the Task-Positive Network (TPN) is pivotal. The DMN, responsible for daydreams and self-reflection, can often imprison us in negative thoughts. The TPN, on the other hand, activates during tasks and problem-solving. Striking a balance, ensuring neither overshadows the other, is where the challenge—and the opportunity—lies.

Your Thoughts, Your Emotions, Your Power

Recognizing that our thoughts birth our feelings is transformative. Events don’t directly elicit emotions; it’s our interpretations that do. Whether you feel elated, downcast, or anything in-between, it’s a product of your mental processes. By recognizing and harnessing this power, you’re no longer a mere passenger of life’s journey. You’re in the driver’s seat.

Emotional Maturity as the Accelerator

Emotional maturity—understanding, owning, and managing emotions—doubles your speed towards your goals. It’s about experiencing emotions in their entirety and using them as levers for progress rather than as impediments.

Boosting Mental Fitness through Positive Intelligence

Mental exercises can be as beneficial as their physical counterparts. The Positive Intelligence framework presents a tri-step process to transition from a self-sabotaging state to a sage one:

  1. Detect & Release: Recognize negative thought patterns and emotions, then let them go.
  2. Engage in focused short term mindfulness sessions: 10-second exercises to centre your mind in the present, forming the mindfulness foundation.
  3. Embrace the Sage Response: Reinforce this positive, wholesome mode of thinking.

Although you can undertake these exercises solo, the guidance, mentorship, and accountability provided by a coach can enhance their efficacy manifold.

Harnessing Brain Power Through Coaching

Navigating your brain’s intricate pathways requires not just tools but structured guidance. Coaching is a great way to obtain this guidance, providing you with techniques and a roadmap to move from learned reactive habits & thought patterns, to the more intentional mobilisation of the pre-frontal cortex.

Grasping your brain’s workings is akin to unlocking the door to a fulfilling life. Remember, our mental narratives shape our emotions, and our emotional maturity dictates our success pace. Tools like Positive Intelligence can further elevate our mental well-being. As you step onto this profound journey, consider seeking a guiding hand.

If this resonates with you, let’s embark on this transformative journey of understanding and empowerment. Contact me asap 😊 to see if it would be a good fit to work together

Sincerely yours,

Dr. Sophie