In a world where accomplished women, like yourself, have shattered glass ceilings and embraced their self-leadership, there’s one area that still remains enveloped in silence and (perhaps?) stigma: our relationship with wealth and finance.

As a woman in mid-life, entrepreneur, and coach, I understand first-hand the taboos that surround talking about money and wealth, particularly for women.

Society has ingrained in us the belief that it’s impolite or even inappropriate to discuss our financial situations openly.

This taboo has been particularly strong for women, as we’ve been conditioned to prioritize others’ needs and downplay our own financial ambitions. The result is a pervasive silence around money, leaving many women feeling isolated and ill-equipped to navigate their financial journeys.

Throughout history, women have often been excluded from discussions and decision-making regarding money and finances.

This lack of inclusion has led to a prevailing belief that women are not naturally adept at handling money or making sound financial choices. And that even when research and real-life examples prove otherwise.

Moreover, traditional gender roles often assign the responsibility of managing money to men within heterosexual couples.

This dynamic further reinforces the notion that women are not naturally adept at handling finances, creating a barrier to financial independence and empowerment.

Consider for instance the undeniable fact that women tend to live longer than men, which means we face a higher risk of outliving our retirement savings. This sobering reality emphasizes the need for women to take control of their financial future and plan for a financially secure retirement.

At the heart of it all, the finance industry itself has long been dominated by men, with women being underrepresented in key decision-making roles.

This lack of diverse perspectives has hindered progress and limited opportunities for women to actively participate in shaping the financial landscape.

In my coaching practice, I am supporting of my clients on their journey towards financial empowerment and independence. I help them rewrite their money stories and establish themselves as leaders in their own right.

If this resonates with you, I invite you to join me on a transformative journey.

Let’s explore your relationship with money, challenge limiting beliefs, and develop strategies that align your wealth with your aspirations for self-leadership, expression and independence.

Ready to dig out the tools to become the architect of your own financial future?

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Sincerely yours,
Dr Sophie