Passionate about helping you grow into the confident and wise leader of your life

I help busy and accomplished women (and men😊) in demanding lives and careers create space for self-reflection, with science-based tools, to re-assess, lead and savour their lives.

Since I’ve started my coaching business, I’ve worked with dozens of amazing individuals and teams, and helped them become the leaders they can possibly be in work and life.

And I’m here to help you tap into your inner wisdom and gain perspective to stop feeling continuously overwhelmed, unsatisfied, and unaccomplished.

Many high achieving individuals in mid-life can feel stuck and/or emotionally exhausted. Having no time for self, no time to think and no time to really rest.

I started my coaching business because I wanted to help people just like you better manage their minds and emotions so that they can feel in charge of their destiny (again).

And I get it. Our lives are full of injunctions and beliefs we have received and absorbed in time, most of them without realising. Work hard but make sure to rest. Go the extra mile (or you are lazy) but cultivate balance in your life. Professional life is important, but so is your family, social, internal (…!) life.

No wonder a lot of us reach mid-life in a state of mild if not deep exhaustion, feeling emotionally and physically worn-out, not sure where to turn our attention to next. Worse than that, feeling like time is passing us by and we are probably to blame for not making the “best” of our precious lives. Possibly losing hope that one day things will settle down and turn out for the best, rather fearing we will “wake up” one day full of regrets at the dreams we left unaddressed along the way…

A few years ago, I was stuck in such an emotional maze of my own-making, feeling I was wasting away, not making good use of my precious time, out of energy. Despite having a life(style) that “looked perfect” and balanced on the outside, I was not loving my life anymore, neither did I love myself either. I was totally exhausted, feeling angry against my closed ones “and the world”, regularly self-medicating with alcohol to “bear it all” and sometimes “forget”. I was trying hard to keep it all together but felt like a total fraud and deeply unhappy. I was terrified yet I was too proud to admit it. I did not know where to turn to and get the emotional support I so desperately needed.

Life coaching & positive psychology opened the doors to a new thinking paradigm for me, which led to my decision to start my own business and dedicate my work to help people like you, so they could get free and in control of their destiny with a guidance I wished I had received when I was stuck myself.

Since then I understood that my thoughts create my emotions, and ultimately my experience of life. I saw how I could question some deeply held beliefs and get clearer on what I wanted for myself in life. I started to focus my energy on areas that really mattered to me. I learned that I had all these strengths and powers within me to change. I learned to take it all in and appreciate who I was. And with dedication and hope, in time, I broke some of the hardest held habits I never thought I could leave behind.

I’m supporting my clients with this unshakeable belief that they possess all the confidence and wisdom within themselves to design, work out and fearlessly lead a truly amazing life for themselves.

I am teaching my clients to believe in themselves and open themselves up to recreating their belief system in which “they are the hero”. Coaching continues to transform my life in unimaginable ways, and I am wholeheartedly offering this to you as well!

My work is all about empowering you for personal growth through science-based coaching

I teach my clients, high achieving successful individuals in mid-life, a science-based approach to personal growth and transformation. As a scientist, I bring a unique perspective to the coaching process, incorporating evidence-based methods and research to help you achieve sustainable change and fulfilment in your life.

As a confidential, expert, and non-judgmental coach, I create a safe space for you to explore and understand yourself better. Drawing on my scientific background, I provide you with accurate information and practical tools to navigate the complexities of personal development, emotional intelligence, and self-empowerment.

Yet, I am also pragmatic in guiding you towards your inner wisdom. I understand the challenges you face and the desire to live a more fulfilled life. Together, we’ll uncover limiting beliefs, negative thinking patterns, and unhelpful habits that may be holding you back. I’ll support you in developing a deeper understanding of yourself and empower you to make meaningful changes.

I offer personalized coaching experiences, including one-on-one sessions and group coaching programs

In our confidential and non-judgmental sessions, we’ll explore topics such as self-identity, emotional intelligence, and building fulfilling relationships. Through our collaboration, you’ll gain clarity, confidence, and a renewed sense of purpose.

With my approach, you can expect a transformational coaching experience that combines scientific rigor, pragmatism, and a deep commitment to your personal growth.

Together, we’ll navigate your journey of self-discovery and empower you to become a sage and confident leader of your own life.

My clients experience a deeply transformed life on their own terms with more peace and happiness

Susie gained a different perspective on some life aspects, like not caring so much about others’ opinions about her

Joanne managed to get a grip on her ruminations and now feels more solutions-oriented and less obsessive
Monty felt more equipped, more peaceful and less stressed, about making some key career choices he had left lingering for several months
Living a life on one’s own terms is not the exception in my world, but it’s the norm.

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