Take a step back.
Look into your life.
Do you like what you see?

Chances are you are here because you are feeling a little too overwhelmed and anxious for your own taste. Life keeps looking like a mad race with no end in sight and less and less rest-stops along the way.

You know you have achieved a lot in your life, both professionally and personally. You consider that you have a good life, but expressing gratefulness about it sometimes comes with a bitter taste.

Sure, from the outside things appear great, but inside you are feeling emotionally and physically exhausted, and you may be wondering whether you are pushing it too far and reaching your limits. 

You understand that having multiple hats and responsibilities can create stress. Yet you notice a fatigue within yourself. You are not getting things done as efficiently as before, you don’t have time to rest, and your don’t have time for yourself and doing the things you want to do for you. In a nutshell you are losing sight of “the point” of “all this”.

You’ve probably read books or attended seminars about work life balance, happiness, wellbeing… You’ve tried breathing works, yoga, sports, meditation. Yet none of these manage to erase your intuition that maybe “something has to give”… What you would really like to “hit pause / reset” and find a more balanced & happy way to live your life.

I have been there before, and I’ve helped many clients gain more perspective on their life challenges through coaching, whether at work, at home or in the face of adversity and change. Together we’ll work in a confidential and non-judgmental space so you can self-reflect, and access your inner wisdom to start reclaiming your voice and power in your life.

I will use proven science-based coaching inspired from positive psychology that will help you not only identify and understand where you are, but also gain clarity around your direction, and get yourself on track for the life you REALLY want and deserve.

Are you ready to look within yourself and understand what is holding you back from your more fulfilling life?

Together we explore concrete situations that are causing discomfort in your daily life and how your emotions are driving your experiences, yet sometimes getting in the way of you behaving in line with your life values. We decide coaching topics that make sense for you individually at the time of the coaching.

I am going to help you identify the emotions and thoughts that are leading you to act in ways you consider “unhelpful” and which you sometimes / later regret. I’ll help you shift the doubts, fears and limiting beliefs that prevent you from showing up consistently and powerfully in your life. I will show you how to practice acceptance and compassion with regards to emotional situations and patterns you are facing in your life.

I will show you what experience of life your brain and thoughts are proposing you. And I will guide you to take action more intentionally, both for immediate positive change, and for longer-term personal growth.

In sum, laser coaching is gently initiating you to notice and showcase the leader you want to be in your life. In just a few weeks, you’ll discover how to tap into your inner wisdom, make easier decisions in your daily life, and awaken self-leadership in your own unique way, so you can savour your life more deeply.

Our work together will help you

Identify and understand where you are at and how you feel about your life

Access your inner wisdom to know what needs to change in your life and how to go about it

Become more knowledgeable on emotional intelligence and self-leadership

Craft your personal vision of “life & leadership” in your own terms with meaningful goals and actionable plans

Overcome counterproductive thoughts and behaviours on the way to your best-life

Move forward and start to embody confident and wise leadership, with peace and fulfilment

The experience of coaching with Dr Sophie was 100% positive

I had been considering retirement (on and off) for about 8 months but I had not made much progress on my own, so I was ready to try a different approach with coaching. Coaching helped me rapidly progress from a theoretical consideration of retirement to taking the practical steps needed for an informed decision. Coaching helped me understand what I feared and what I could look forward to. As a result of coaching, I became less stressed about taking some decisions. I became aware of the things that I needed to do to make some choices and I stopped feeling pressure. I became more aware of the pros and cons and I now see how my previous thoughts were blocked by unconscious assumptions and biases.

Dr Sophie has a very good capacity to analyse our conversations and listen to the emotions that I expressed without jumping to conclusions. She helped me understand my feelings through questions using my own words, and helped me map out a path towards resolving some of the circular logic that I had gotten stuck into. I liked her positive, critical, calm and focused approach. She was able to step back and switch to another discussion pathway, whenever I came to a dead end. Dr Sophie kept guiding me through to the positive emotions while acknowledging and perhaps questioning the negative ones. I felt that she genuinely wanted to help me progress and that I was in safe, unbiased hands.

I have already recommended coaching with Dr Sophie to several colleagues and friends. The experience of coaching with Dr Sophie was 100% positive.


Eugene Howard, Head of the Energy Networks Division at the European Investment Bank

Very professional and organised yet conversational and natural

The experience of coaching with Dr Sophie was very professional, organised yet conversational and natural. She is a great listener and enabled me to acknowledge some of the emotions I was facing with an open mind.

What I appreciated the most when coaching with Dr Sophie is that she is not just “dropping” tools, ideas or perspectives here and there, but actually is coming back methodically and consistently, yet gently, to nudge and guide the conversation towards self-exploration.


David González García, Principal Advisor in the field of Energy at the European Investment Bank

Professional, open and quick turnaround on challenges presented

I was curious about coaching with you as this would be a first for me. I did not know what to expect but wanted to learn more about myself and my life. It turned out to be varied and insightful about my posture in life and with others.

I feel I’ve gained a different perspective on some life aspects. Like not caring so much about others’ opinions about me. I appreciated very much your openness, your quick turnaround on the topics we defined (on the spot, even) with no preparation and your professionalism.

Senior Energy Expert, European Institution

Helped me to become more solutions-oriented and less obsessive

Work is an important part of my life, a part that I want to get better and excel at. In the past I always felt a bit distanced from the coaches I had in the sense that I felt they were a bit removed from my reality. With you, Sophie, I felt such a gap is reduced and that you knew the work environment, and you knew my reality.

As a result of working with you, I do find myself thinking nowadays, when I am ruminating on something “is there a different way of thinking about it?” or “is this thought really helping me solve the issue?”

You have offered me a different perspective. I now think that with practice and persistence, I will become more consistently solutions-oriented and less obsessive.

Senior Finance Professional & Team Leader, European Institution

I gained more awareness of my reactions and how I can control them

I decided to try out coaching, because I was interested to learn more about how it could help in my professional life. I am at a career stage where I am getting more management responsibilities, so I feel I need to develop skills around managing people. I enjoyed coaching with Dr Sophie, especially because she was open, seemed interested and cared.

Thanks to coaching, I feel I gained more awareness of my reactions and how I can control them, e.g. just because I feel frustrated in a situation does not mean I have to continue in a negative spiral.

Coaching helped me become more aware that I am not responsible for the feelings and reactions of others. I feel that I am now better able to say no and define my own boundaries and stick to them – this helping notably with time management. I feel more in control of time management and know I can handle situations. Coaching has definitely helped me be more self-aware.

Senior Technical Expert & Team Leader, European Investment Bank

How it works

With the laser coaching offer, we work together for 6 sessions over a period of 2-3 months, so you can get a taste of what life coaching can bring to your life.

The sessions are typically structured around the use of a coaching model where we look into thoughts, feelings, actions and results of your concrete life situations.

In summary, when you join me for laser coaching, here’s what you get:

6x 30-minute coaching sessions via Zoom

Email support in between the sessions

Recordings of the coaching calls (on request of the client)


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The discovery call is a free 30-minute session with me where we get to meet and discuss your needs, to see whether working together is a good fit for you.

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