Money plays a significant role in our lives, but often it’s not money itself that causes problems; it’s our thoughts and beliefs about it. When we approach money from a place of scarcity, it becomes a source of stress and limitation. However, by shifting our mindset to one of abundance, we can transform our relationship with money and open doors to new opportunities.

When I became an entrepreneur, I had no choice but to engage in a significant revision of my relationship with money. I used to earn and save my money like a “squirrel” with its pile of cones and nuts (or is it like Scrooge and its pile of gold – albeit I don’t think I can compare…😊). I had to shift my mindset into “spending” being an investment, and perhaps even harder, to see investing in myself as a “good thing”.

Equally important when I became a CEO, it was essential to redefine what “earning money” meant to me. If we focus solely on earning by the hour or what’s deemed fair, we limit our capacity for financial growth. Instead, let’s adopt a higher, more generous, and compassionate perspective. When we see earning money as a reflection of the value we contribute to the world, it opens up avenues for unlimited earning potential. By letting go of restrictive beliefs, we can transcend our perceived limitations and attract greater abundance into our lives.

I think for everyone, not just entrepreneurs, taking perspective to look into how we view money is essential. If only to clean up any limiting beliefs we may hold about money and replace them with empowering thoughts so we can live bigger, freer lives.

Leaders who take on larger bigger responsibilities may view this work on their relationship with money as a key responsibility too. Their thoughts about money have the power to excite and energize them or bring them down and stress them out.

It is totally within our control to choose the thoughts we entertain about money and abundance in our lives. Taking a closer look at our past, present, and future thoughts about money enables us to assess whether they serve us or hold us back.

Despite much controversy, folklore or sometimes taboo surrounding it, money itself is neutral; it doesn’t have the ability to make us feel one way or another. If we view money as a problem, it’s worth examining our underlying thoughts and beliefs to see if they align with our desires.

Consider this: what if money is a tool that amplifies who we are as individuals? If we are already generous, having more money allows us to extend our generosity and make a greater impact. Conversely, if we worry about money, acquiring more won’t alleviate our concerns. I like this idea.

As a coach specializing in emotional intelligence and leadership, I invite you to explore the transformative power of shifting your money beliefs. When working together, we will most likely identify some thoughts or beliefs you may have about money. It will be part of the coaching journey to address then with open-mind, love and respect (for money 😊).

Are you ready to unlock your full potential, transform your relationship with money, and embrace the mindset of abundance? What is currently holding you back? Are you aware of any limiting beliefs about money that may be hindering your progress?

Let’s embark on this empowering journey together and unlock a new level of leadership and emotional intelligence.

Sincerely yours,

Dr Sophie